Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3: The Judges, Daughter's Medals, Mary Carolyn Davies, "Dance"

And now one of the judges climbed into the ring with the prizes.  He handed Mr. Zuckerman two ten dollar bills and a five dollar bill.  Then he tied the medal around Wilbur's neck.  Then he shook hands with Mr. Zuckerman while Wilbur blushed.  Avery put out his hand and the judge shook hands with him, too.  The crowd cheered.  A photographer took Wilbur's picture.

I spent the entire day in a dark auditorium, watching dance duets and trios and small groups and solos.  It was an exercise in music appreciation.  Pop songs to classical scores.   Demi Lovato to Mozart.  In the end, my daughter ended up with three gold medals.  Two for group numbers and one for her tap dance solo.  She was gorgeous and way too teenaged-looking.

We got back to the hotel a little while ago, and my daughter changed and went out looking for her friends to "hang with."

Saint Marty has officially become an embarrassment to his little girl.


by:  Mary Carolyn Davies

God’s in me when I dance.
God, making Spring
Out of his thoughts
And building worlds
By wishing.
Laughing at his own
Queer fancies,
Standing awed,
And sobbing;
God’s in me
When I dance.

God's in my daughter when she dances

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