Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14: Concert Tonight

I will be attending my daughter's spring concert at school this evening.  My daughter is sick.  Again.  It looks like the antibiotic she was taking didn't quite do the job.  However, she still wants to go to the concert.  That's my girl.  She's a lot like me.  I try not to let anything slow me down, either.

Tomorrow, my wife is going to take her to the pediatrician.  I'm sure she's going to end up on another dosage of medicine.  'Tis the season.  It happens twice a year.  Once at the beginning of winter.  Once at the beginning of spring.  My son is also recovering from this nasty crud, as well.

So far, I've lucked out.  I've avoided contracting any of my offsprings' plagues.  I'm fully expecting to come down with some kind of illness.  Something bubonic, with lots of mucus and ear aches and throat pus.

Anybody care to join Saint Marty?

My house is the one with this poster on the door

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