Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8: A Silver Forest, Brown Grass, Exhausted Prayer

The next day was foggy.  Everything on the farm was dripping wet.  The grass looked like a magic carpet.  The asparagus patch looked like a silver forest.

I love this description, especially the asparagus silver forest thing.  There's great beauty in it.  E. B. White understood how the simplest things in nature can be miraculous.  That's why he uses a spiderweb to save Wilbur's life.

After last week's snowstorm,  the world has been in a steady stage of thaw.  There're rivers flowing down the streets, and mud is everywhere.  I can actually believe this evening that spring is on the way.

I am exhausted right now.  Can't even think about a prayer request.   I have a neighbor whose 94-year-old husband just passed away.  At work, all of my coworkers are supremely unhappy because of recent management decisions.  On Thursday, I'm playing the pipe organ for a funeral.  I haven't touched this instrument since before Christmas.  My sister from Utah (the one with whom I don't get along) and her kids are coming for a visit; they're staying all summer.

Take your pick for this week's prayer intention.

Saint Marty is too exhausted to choose.

The closest I could come to asparagus...

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