Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14: Easter Snow, in the Balance, "Web" Dip

I woke this morning to an Easter snowstorm.  Yes, the streets were clogged with white, and the winds were strong enough to shake cars.  Of course, my children got another day off from school, which made them ecstatic.  I, on the other hand, drove through the storm to get to work.  And I have been working ever since.

Very shortly, I will be heading out to teach my film class.  No, the university did not cancel classes.  There are no guarantees how many students will be present today, but I will teach whatever number that does show up.  I actually didn't expect the college to shut down.  The weather was simply not horrible enough.  Lots of thick, fat flakes and gale-force winds, but that's why we Yoopers own boots and snow blowers and Stormy Kromers.

Besides the snow, the other matter that has been occupying my day is teaching.  The English Department Head has offered me classes for the fall semester.  Really good classes.  However, I can't accept the offer until I speak with my new boss; she has to approve my hours.  My new boss hasn't answered the e-mail I sent this morning.  So, here I sit in my office at the university, my future hanging in the balance.  I hate being in this limbo.

My question for the good book of Wilbur this afternoon:

Will my new boss allow me to accept the classes that have been offered to me for the fall semester?

And my finger stops on:

Miles away, at the Arables' house, the men sat around the kitchen table eating a dish of canned peaches and talking over the events of the day.  Upstairs, Avery was already in bed and asleep.  Mr.s Arable was tucking Fern into bed.

"Did you have a good time at the Fair?" she asked as she kissed her daughter.

Fern nodded.  "I had the best time I have ever had anywhere or any time in all of my whole life."

Well, I would have been happy with a simple "yes" from E. B. White.

However, it looks like Saint Marty's going to have the best time he ever had anywhere or any time in all his whole life.

Ain't this the truth?

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