Saturday, August 6, 2022

August 6: Slowed Again, Siblings, Text Conversations

Santiago and his cramped hands . . . 

It will uncramp though, he thought. Surely it will uncramp to help my right hand. There are three things that are brothers: the fish and my two hands. It must uncramp. It is unworthy of it to be cramped. The fish had slowed again and was going at his usual pace.

The old man's hands are working against him.  As he points out, it's almost as if the fish and his hands are siblings.  What do siblings do?  They look out for each other.  Well, most siblings do.  I don't always see eye-to-eye with my remaining sibs, but, if any of them were in real trouble, I would be there for them.  Blood is thicker than being assholes, I guess.

We drove back from Illinois today.  We took the return trip at a leisurely pace.  Stopped a few times.  Visited a mall (yes, they still exist) and had a really good dinner.  And I watched my son and daughter play games together at an arcade.  My daughter is a typical older sibling.  She has no idea how much her little brother loves her.  Having his sister for a few minutes to himself was the best part of my son's day.

While we were at the mall, I received a text about one of my best friends who is facing a real crisis.  This person has had my back and supported me through some very difficult times.  The news was not good, and it hit me hard.  I wandered around for a little while, having text conversations with a few other close friends who are like family to me.

I think we all take loved ones for granted.  Think they're always going to be there, through pandemic and post-apocalypse.  It's not true.  With one text, your world can shift, and you suddenly have to adjust to an alien landscape.  Today was one of those days for me.

I am home now.  My son is playing video games in his bedroom.  My wife is asleep.  My daughter is at her boyfriend's house.  Everything is the same, and yet it isn't.

Saint Marty's blessing today:  watching his kids play games together.

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