Friday, December 29, 2017

December 29: Late at Night, Keeps Him Awake, Insulated Pipes

We were United World Federalists back then.  I don't know what we are now.  Telephoners, I guess.  We telephone a lot--or I do, anyway, late at night.

It is late at night right now.  A long day of work and worry.  I think that's why Vonnegut makes phones calls late at night.  In the early morning hours, he starts thinking about the past, the war, Dresden.  He tries to make sense of everything he's seen and done.  It keeps him awake.  Makes him worry.

This week, I have been sleeping little at night because of my freezing/frozen water lines.  Worrying and fretting.  I'm really good at those two things.  Today, a couple plumbers came to our house.  They thawed and insulated our pipes.  According to them, we shouldn't have any more problems this winter.

Saint Marty is thankful tonight for a good night's sleep.

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