Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31: Innocent Bystander, Traveling All Day, a Little Drunk

When Dresden was destroyed later on, incidentally, Lazzaro did not exult.  He didn't have anything against the Germans, he said.  Also, he said he liked to take his enemies one at a time.  He was proud of never having hurt an innocent bystander.  "Nobody ever got it from Lazzaro," he said, "who didn't have it coming."

Okay, I have had a little bit to drink.  After traveling all day, I had a drink.  Then I went to the water park with my kids.  Then I had a couple more drinks.  Now, I'm faced with the task of writing a couple of blog posts.  Lazzaro says that he's never hurt an innocent bystander.  I'm afraid that, because of my alcohol consumption, a couple innocent bystanders may suffer collateral damage.  Thank God I have my wife to eliminate anything offensive or damaging.

I plan to sleep in tomorrow morning.  I'm not going to set an alarm.  When I wake up, I'm not going to have a set plan for the day.  I may go back to the water park.  I may go for a hike.  I may find a quiet corner and read all day.  Or I may find a clearing in the woods, sit down with my journal, and write some poems.  I have kept the next few days completely free.

Okay, that may be a little bit of a lie.  I do have a poetry workshop to lead on Thursday evening, so I will probably spend a couple hours planning out what I'm going to do.  But that really doesn't count as work.  I enjoy doing stuff like that.  In fact, if I could find a full-time job planning and conducting poetry workshops, I would feel like I'd won the lottery.  (Sorry for relying on cliches.  It's the alcohol.)

So, that will be the extent of my wisdom tonight.  I'm a little drunk and a little tired and totally relaxed.

Saint Marty is thankful tonight for gin and tonic.

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  1. Hi Martin,

    The Baraga Chamber of Commerce is holding a poetry reading this month in coordination with our quarterly artist reception for the gallery in our office. We would love to have you as our featured poet. Please contact us if you would be interested. I can be reached at 906-353-8808.