Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 13: Poet of the Week, Beverly Matherne, "Daddy's Hands"

So, I'm going to feature Beverly Matherne as Poet of the Week.

Beverly has been a friend of mine for going on thirty years, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't be a poet if it weren't for her.  She suggested that I take my first poetry workshop in college.  Somehow, she recognized something in me that I didn't see myself.  She has been my poetic mentor ever since.

She is originally from Louisiana.  Her father was a tobacco farmer, and she is Cajun.  So, that would make her now a Cajun Yooper.

This weekend, we are celebrating my father's 90th birthday, on top of all the other things going on.  They are throwing him a little party, and a bunch of my cousins are driving up for the occasion.  My dad's sister is going to be there, too.  It will be a really special time.

Saint Marty needs to get a birthday present for him tomorrow.

Daddy's Hands

by:  Beverly Matherne

Big hands,
strong hands,
browned by the son.

Camel-cigarette hands,
tractor-grease hands,
tough to the touch.

Grip the planting shaft,
grind it in the moist black
just beneath the crust.
See that eternal belly!

Push, push, sweat on the brow
till sundown.
Push, push, sweat on the brow
through life.

Knuckled hands,
soft hands
that rocked me to sleep.

Hands Mama stopped holding,
hands I held in mine,
when you died.

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