Monday, June 11, 2018

June 11: Wendell Berry, "Enemies," Monsters


by:  Wendell Berry

If you are not to become a monster,
you must care what they think.
If you care what they think,

how will you not hate them,
and so become a monster
of the opposite kind? From where then

is love to come—love for your enemy
that is the way of liberty?
From forgiveness. Forgiven, they go

free of you, and you of them;
they are to you as sunlight
on a green branch. You must not

think of them again, except
as monsters like yourself,
pitiable because unforgiving.


Yes, monsters come in many shapes and sizes.  They can be Bigfoots or rats.  Five-year-olds or centenarians.  Russian dictators or Presidents of the United States.  I'm a monster to some people.  It's unavoidable.  Humans are flawed creatures. 

I think that's why popular culture is full of monsters and ghosts.  They tell us something about ourselves.

Saint Marty likes to think that he's the Cookie Monster.

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