Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22: Poetry Reading, Ted Kooser, "Look for Me"

I am going to a reading tonight.  Really looking forward to it.  It will consist of people sharing poems about Upper Peninsula wetlands.  There are going to be some really good writers there.  This time, I just get to sit back and relax.  Enjoy the words.

Looking for a Ted Kooser poem tonight, I was again reminded of what a great poet he is.  He takes something simple, everyday, and makes it into a miracle.

Saint Marty wants to be Ted Kooser when he grows up.

Look for Me

by:  Ted Kooser

Look for me under the hood
of that old Chevrolet settled in weeds
at the end of the pasture.

I'm the radiator that spent its years
bolted in front of an engine
shoving me forward into the wind.

Whatever was in me in those days
has mostly leaked away,
but my cap's still screwed on tight
and I know the names of all these
tattered moths and broken grasshoppers
the rest of you've forgotten.

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