Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 14: Daylight Saving Time, Mona Van Duyn, "Letter From a Father"

I just discovered that the Mona Van Duyn poem I posted last night was only the first section.  There are actually six parts to "Letter From a Father."  So, I will be posting a new section from now until Saturday.

Long day, and I still have a lesson plan and quiz to put together for teaching tomorrow.  Time just got away from me today.  And I'm still adjusting to having one less hour of sleep this week.

Marty is one tired saint tonight.

Letter From a Father

by:  Mona Van Duyn


We enjoyed your visit, it was nice of you to bring
the feeder but a terrible waste of your money
for that big bag of feed since we won’t be living
more than a few weeks long. We can see
them good from where we sit, big ones and little ones
but you know when I farmed I used to like to hunt
and we had many a good meal from pigeons
and quail and pheasant but these birds won’t
be good for nothing and are dirty to have so near
the house. Mother likes the redbirds though.
My bad knee is so sore and I can’t hardly hear
and Mother says she is hoarse form yelling but I know
it’s too late for a hearing aid. I belch up all the time
and have a sour mouth and of course with my heart
it’s no use to go to a doctor. Mother is the same.
Has a scab she thinks is going to turn to a wart.

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