Saturday, December 3, 2016

December 2: Green Heron, Christmas Essay, My Wife's Night

I positively ruined the dinner of a green heron on the creek last week . . .

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this evening.  I've been working on my Christmas essay for most of the day.  Just finished it about fifteen minutes ago.  Like Annie Dillard ruining the dinner of the green heron, I ruined my wife's night by waking her up and making her listen to me read my essay.  She kicked and screamed and whined for about five minutes.

Now, I have to give it a rest.  I'll read it a few times this weekend to a few people.  By the time I record it next Wednesday, I will probably have changed it about 50 times.  Small things.  A word here.  A sentence there.  A paragraph every once in a while.

So, to sum up:  Saint Marty has finished his Christmas essay, and Saint Marty's wife is an annoyed green heron.

Just because it's funny.

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