Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5: Poet Laureate of the U. P. Nominee, Poet of the Week, Maya Angelou, "Glory Falls"

Well, there are two inaugural poets left.  Over the last three weeks, I've featured Richard Blanco (President Obama), Elizabeth Alexander (President Obama), and Miller Williams (President Clinton).  I'm working my way backwards.

So, this week, it's Maya Angelou.  Angelou read at Bill Clinton's first inauguration.  I know that I've featured Dr. Angelou before as Poet of the Week.  I don't care.  As a Poet Laureate of the U. P. nominee, I am exercising my prerogative to do whatever I want, and I want to feature Maya Angelou again.

By the way, the voting for the next Poet Laureate of the U. P. has not gotten underway yet.  I will post the site when it becomes available.

In the mean time, Saint Marty hopes you enjoy a little glory this evening.

Glory Falls

by:  Maya Angelou

Glory falls around us
as we sob
a dirge of
desolation on the Cross
and hatred is the ballast of
the rock
which his upon our necks
and underfoot.
We have woven
robes of silk
and clothed our nakedness
with tapestry.
From crawling on this
murky planet's floor
we soar beyond the
birds and
through the clouds
and edge our ways from hate
and blind despair and
bring horror
to our brothers, and to our sisters cheer.
We grow despite the
horror that we feed
upon our own
We grow.

Glory Hole Falls in Arkansas

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