Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19: Poet of the Week, Richard Brautigan, "My Nose is Growing Old"

Sometimes, I take myself way too seriously.  Okay, most of the time, I take myself way too seriously.  This week, I wanted to give you some poems from one of the funniest poets I know:  Richard Brautigan.

His work always makes me laugh, and, let's face it, we could all use a good laugh considering the current presidential election in the United States.  I'm sure Bruatigan would have loved to write some poems about Donald Trump's hair.  Or nose. 

So, Saint Marty's Poet of the Week is Richard Brautigan. 

My Nose is Growing Old

by:  Richard Brautigan

A long lazy September look
in the mirror
say it's true.

I'm 31
and my nose is growing

It starts about 1/2
an inch
below the bridge
and strolls geriatrically
for another inch or so:

Fortunately, the rest
of the nose is comparatively

I wonder if girls
will want me with an
old nose.

I can hear them now
the heartless bitches!

"He's cute
but his nose
is old."

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