Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 9: Expectations, Martin Espada, "Why I Went to College"

I don't have much time before I head off to church this evening.  Saturday night in the choir loft, sitting at the pipe organ.  Some Saturdays, I wish I could just take off my shoes and socks, stretch out on the couch, and forget about the world.  But I don't.

I am, if nothing, a responsible person.  I don't shirk work, ever.  People depend upon me on Saturday nights, and I don't like to disappoint, especially when it comes to church and God.

Martin Espada has a great little poem about living up to his father's expectations.

Saint Marty's trying to live up to his Father's expectations.

Why I went to College

by:  Martin Espada

If you don't,
my father said,
you better learn
to eat soup
through a straw,
'cause I'm gonna
break your jaw

I try not to piss off God

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