Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6: Long and Tiring

I do not have wisdom or deep thoughts to impart tonight.  The day has been long and tiring.  Lots of work at work, and then, when I got home, lots more work.  I had to finish up my lecture notes for next week for my online class, create a quiz, and make two pies for a church pie social.  (Banana cheesecake with shortbread crust, in case you're interested.)

My daughter is testing my faith in God again.  She claims my wife and I are being unreasonable, and I claim that teenagers would make Pope Francis believe in capital punishment.  I love my daughter, but she is relentlessly argumentative.  She knows how to piss me off, which is her job right now, I guess.

Saint Marty wants a day without drama.  A day where everyone is happy.  No yelling or crying.  Just . . . quiet.
Nothing wrong with this!

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  1. Pie sounds good; you should sit down and eat it and forget ever knowing great peace while a teenage girl lives with you.