Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 17: His Host, Prolonged Absence, Relief, Go To Bed

I think that the dying pray at the last not "please," but "thank you," as a guest thanks his host at the door...

Don't ask me why I chose this passage.  Perhaps it's because I'm dead tired.  Perhaps I'm trying to be thankful for my crazy, hectic, exhausting life.  Or perhaps I just opened up Pilgrim at Tinker Creek to a random page, and that's where my eyes came to rest. 

I have been absent for a couple of days from this blog.  I have been sick.  The bug which has been slowly claiming victims in my house finally claimed me.  I will not go into all the ugly details, but I did miss some work yesterday, and I almost canceled my classes.  Almost.

Today I was feeling about 70 percent better, despite having to get up at 5 a.m. to dig myself out from a St. Patrick's Day snowstorm.  My kids got the day off from school.  My wife got to stay home from work because my kids had a snow day.  And I slogged through the slush and wind in order be a model employee.

And then, tonight, I spent four hours working on assignments for my online class on teaching online classes.  I am getting a little frustrated with my life at the moment.  I'm sick.  I'm tired.  And I see very little relief in sight.

Saint Marty just wants to go to bed and sleep until his life is simpler.

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