Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10: Aurora Borealis, Wisconsin Dells, Bailey's Irish Cream

Before the aurora borealis appears, the sensitive needles of compasses all over the world are restless for hours, agitating on their pins in airplanes and ships, trembling in desk drawers, in attics, in boxes on shelves.

I never knew this about the aurora borealis before, how it's presaged by this strange phenomenon.  Obviously, it has something to do with magnetism and the poles.  I have read explanations of the aurora.  I once sat through a planetarium show that explained the mysteries of the aurora, coupled with a beautiful display of snaking green lights in the domed sky.  The program lasted two hours.  At the end of the night, I still couldn't explain why the Northern Lights light.

It is Thursday night.  Tomorrow morning, my family leaves for the Wisconsin Dells where my daughter has a dance competition.  Since I couldn't get the time off, I will be going to work, coming home, drinking Bailey's Irish Cream, and going to bed.

I've known this weekend has been coming for quite some time.  I thought I would be prepared, but, like a compass needle before the appearance of the aurora, I've been feeling a little jittery and anxious all day.  Leaving for work tomorrow morning is going to be incredibly difficult.  Not to mention being at work and coming home to an empty house.

I haven't missed one of my daughter's dance competitions since she took her first ballet class in kindergarten.  That's ten years' worth of tutus and sequins.  Now, I'm going to have to be satisfied with texts and photos.  I feel as though I'm failing the daddy test this weekend.

Anyway, that's Saint Marty this evening:  a compass without direction, twirling under ribbons of green light.

And the Bailey's . . .

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