Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4: Short Poem, Rita Dove, "In the Museum"

My daughter wants to use my laptop right now, so, out of necessity, I have to choose a short poem from Rita Dove to share tonight.

But a short poem doesn't necessarily mean frivolous or trivial.  There's nothing trivial about anything that Dove writes.  She can take an ordinary experience, like a trip to a museum, and transform it into something sublime.

Saint Marty invites you to enjoy...

In the Museum

by:  Rita Dove

a boy, at most

Besieged by the drums
and flags of youth,
brilliant gravity
and cornucopian stone

The Discus Thrower
stares as he crosses the lobby
and enters
the XIVth century.

I follow him as far
as the room with the blue Madonnas.


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