Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23: God's Love Numbers Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four, Daughter's Award, "Ives" Dip

So, I'm home.  I've been traveling all day through Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula.  The worst weather we encountered was right in Madison.  Last night, as we were leaving the auditorium after the dance competition, it was snowing.  Hard.  By morning, a good five inches of snow was on the ground.  It was as if the U. P. had followed us.

Well, putting bad weather aside, I am happy to announce that my daughter received a Gold award for her solo last night.  She also took first place in her age category.  Of course, my daughter was not happy with her performance.  Immediately after she was done dancing, she came to sit beside me and said, "I made a lot of mistakes."  I gave her a hug, told her she was great.

That's the end of my vacation weekend.  God's love number thirty-three is my daughter's award.  She was nervous, without her dance teacher, and kicked some dance butt.  God's love number thirty-four is safe travel, through bad weather and good.  Traveling mercies were with us.

It is Monday, so I need to do an Ives dip.  My question this evening is:

Will I have a good, quick week?

And the answer from Ives is:

Then [Ives] looked around:  the nine or so people gathered on that floor--service personnel and curious office workers--seemed to be radiating what Ives could only define as goodness, as if they were angels, sent to reassure him during a crucial moment of doubt...

Well, I was dreading my return to work tomorrow.  However, in my moment of doubt and dread, maybe something good is headed my way.

And maybe Saint Marty will have a drink to find a little goodness tonight.

Congratulations to my daughter

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