Saturday, March 28, 2020

March 28: Grimmer, Be the Solution, from "Kyrie"

Yes, things are getting grimmer in Michigan.  The President of the United States seems to be withholding crucial medical equipment and supplies from being shipped to our state because of a feud he's created between himself and Governor Whitmer.  And the confirmed cases went from 300 last week to 3,000 this week.

If you are a Trump supporter, I'm fine with that.  If you're a Whitmer supporter, I'm fine with that.  However, this crisis goes beyond whether you're wearing a MAGA hat or have a Biden or Bernie sign in your front yard.  People are dying.  Healthcare workers are struggling.  It's not about politics.

It's about you and me and my kids and your kids and my parents and your parents.  It's about all of us.  Every human being on this planet.  Don't hoard supplies.  It you have a box of masks, drop them off at a doctor's office or hospital.  They need those masks more than you do.  Check on your neighbors.  Call your family.  And whenever possible, just stay home.  Be the solution, not the problem.

I care for all of you.  Want everybody to make it through this pandemic.  It's why I sit at doors at the hospital where I work to check employees in.  Why I continue to work at the medical office.  Why I keep writing these blog posts.  Why I pray, sunrise to sundown.

There are good people in this world, trying to do the right thing.  If there's anything that history has taught me, it's that goodness eventually wins out in the end.

Saint Marty holds onto that idea every night his head hits the pillow.

from Kyrie

by:  Ellen Bryant Voigt

Nothing would do but that he dig her grave,
under the willow oak, on high ground
beside the little graves, and in the rain--
a hard rain, and wind

enough to tear a limb from the limber tree.
His talk was wild, his eyes were polished stone,
all of him bent laboring to breathe--
even iron bends--

his face ash by the time he came inside.
Within the hour the awful cough began,
gurgling between coughs, and the fever spiked,
as his wife's had done.

Before a new day rinsed the windowpane,
he had swooned.  Was blue.

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