Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16: Worry About Her, My Daughter's Teeth, Prayer for Comfort

"Well, I feel better about Fern," said Mr.s Arable.  "You don't think I need to worry about her?"

Mrs. Arable worries about Fern through almost all of Charlotte's Web.  She worries about Fern spending too much time taking care of Wilbur.  Too much time sitting in the Zuckerman's barn.  Too much time talking about spiders and geese and sheep.  Too much time with Henry Fussy at the Fair.  I'm surprised the book doesn't end with Mrs. Arable having a fatal heart attack or stroke.

Of course, parents are supposed to worry, about big and small things.  That's what I find myself doing tonight.  My daughter's orthodontic work is ongoing, and today she got an appliance placed in her mouth that makes her lisp and gives her headaches.  She's not even sure if she can play her flute at the Christmas band concert tomorrow night.  I had to stop and get ice cream for her on the way home tonight.  A little while ago, she took some Motrin, so her pain has subsided.  However, I expect she's going to have a pretty miserable couple of weeks.

So, tonight, I'm asking you guys to pray for a little comfort for my daughter.  Enough to allow her to sleep tonight.  It's difficult to see your child in pain, even if that pain will result in a smile that will rival Farrah Fawcett's Charlie's Angels pin-up poster.

Saint Marty doesn't like feeling helpless.

You've got to admit--it's a beautiful smile (among other things)
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