Monday, May 14, 2018

May 14: Shel Silverstein, "Eighteen Flavors," Vanilla

Eighteen Flavors

by:  Shel Silverstein

Eighteen luscious, scrumptious flavors--
Chocolate, lime and cherry,
Coffee, pumpkin, fudge-banana,
Caramel cream and boysenberry.
Rocky road and toasted almond,
Butterscotch, vanilla dip,
Butter-brickle, apple ripple,
Coconut and mocha chip,
Brandy peach and lemon custard,
Each scoop lovely, smooth, and round,
Tallest ice-cream cone in town,
Lying there (sniff) on the ground.


And a poem on this warm spring night about ice cream.  My favorite flavor is vanilla.  My daughter says I'm boring.  My son laughs at my plain, white cone.  My wife doesn't understand why I don't get Moose Tracks or Amaretto Cherry Mackinac Island Fudge.  My daughter calls me boring as she licks her Playdough.

Saint Marty likes his ice cream simple.  No fireworks.

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