Friday, April 21, 2017

April 21: Sleep Standing Up, Sister's Birthday, Banana Ganache

So Billy Pilgrim had to sleep standing up, or not sleep at all.  And food had stopped coming in through the ventilators, and the days and nights were colder all the time.

It was a long day of work.  I felt, at times, like I was asleep standing up.  The only thing that kept me going was Diet Mountain Dew and chocolate, and I didn't have to get that through a ventilator.  It was snowing this morning.  Just a dusting, enough to make everything look very Currier & Ives.  As Vonnegut says, the days and nights were colder.

The snow didn't stick around long.  The sun came out, and, by the time I left work, there was not a snowflake to be found.  There was a brisk wind, however, making the air feel like late autumn versus early spring.  It was a beautiful afternoon, but not a record-breaker temperature-wise. 

It is my sister's birthday. We celebrated with a chicken dinner and a banana ganache cake.  It was a quiet little party, but nice.  I have to say that my sister has always been really good to me and my family, helping us through some very difficult times.  Yes, she has problems of her own, but she has a very generous spirit.  Always has.

Example:  two weekends ago, my family and my sister went to the Kalahari Resort at the Wisconsin Dells for my daughter's dance competition.  We drove down in a nice car, stayed in a nice hotel room, ate some good food, and came home with some nice souvenirs.  All thanks to my sister.

So, tonight, I am thankful for my sister.  For her open heart.  For her love of my kids.

Saint Marty is a lucky, lucky brother.

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