Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 15: Too Optimistic, Writer Friend, Happiness Breaks

This is what I plan to do.  Partly as a result of my terrible dream, I have been thinking that the landscape of the intricate world that I have painted is inaccurate and lopsided.  It is too optimistic . . . 

Dillard is faced with revising her notions of the world.  Yes, there is beauty because of the fecundity of creation, the complex and rich aura of the intricate design of the divine.  However, as Dillard concludes at the end of the next paragraph, ". . . we are all going to die."

I have been trying to remain optimistic in the face of all the bad news (national and personal) of this past week.  I was talking to a writer friend yesterday, and he is beside himself because of the results of the recent presidential election.  "I don't know what I should do," he said.  "Civil disobedience?  Protest?  I don't know."  He has been allowing himself small happiness breaks.  He goes for a walk to watch birds on the shores of Lake Superior.  "I try to find some beauty to admire."

That might sound like an extreme reaction to some, but I get where my friend is coming from.  As I said yesterday, my health insurance premiums are going up in January by $100 per paycheck.  I will $200 poorer every month.  That's a lot of money for my family.  This afternoon, I had to sign up for these health benefits, and when I was done, I wanted to vomit.

Civil disobedience is not going to help my situation.  Or protest.  Nobody really would give a crap if I stood outside the health system where I work, holding a sign that says "Slave to Health Benefits" or "My Choice--Food or Health Insurance."  I might make the local nightly news, but that's about it.  Just like the people protesting Donald Trump's election.  The media has already started to move on.  That's the way life works.

So, I will be taking a small happiness break this afternoon.  I won't be walking on the beach or bird watching.  My break will probably involve some form of chocolate.

Tonight, Saint Marty is grateful for the silence of his office at the university.

This sort of makes me happy

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