Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 4: Live Seasons, Liquid Nitrogen, "The Walking Dead"

These are our few live seasons. Let us live them as purely as we can, in the present.

Simple advice from Dillard.  It's all about living in the present, not grasping into the darkness for tomorrow or next week or next month.  Today--right now--that's all we have.

I have been working and grading all day long.  Just finished up a batch of papers, starting into another batch of papers tomorrow.  Then final exams.  That's my right now.  That's my tomorrow, as well.   And probably my Saturday and Sunday.  I can be fairly confident in that prediction.

I am beat right now.  And my nose and forehead are burning.  I went to a doctor's appointment today, and I had a couple of things on my face burned off with liquid nitrogen.  I'm supposed to blister and then slough.  So, basically, this weekend I am going to look like a reject from The Walking Dead.

I am ready for bed.  Not ready for work tomorrow.  I just want to got to sleep and stay asleep for a few days.  That is the extent of my wisdom tonight.

In the present, Saint Marty is a zombie.

1 comment:

  1. Rock the zombie look; still better than skin cancer, right.
    Good luck with the finals. Sounds marginally horrific but you're a trooper! (zombie trooper I guess)