Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 15: First Communion, Eloise, Classic Saint Marty

My son is the one with the Mohawk

It was a good ending to a stressful weekend.  In case you are interested, my bathroom is open for business after several hundred dollars.  No collapsed sewer lines.  No invasive tree roots.  No backhoes digging up my front yard.  When I flushed my toilet this morning, I did not hear gurgling in the bathtub drain.  Answered prayer.

Today was eventful.  My son made his First Communion this afternoon.  He did really well.  Remembered where to stand, when to bow.  He was able to stand still, keep his hands to himself.  Didn't drop the Communion wafer or spit out his mouthful of wine.  He even made it through Father Larry's sermon without throwing himself on the floor and saying, "How much longer?"  More answered prayer.

And tonight, we are celebrating my sister's birthday.  She is 51 years old today.  When my sister was born, the doctor told my mother to put her in a sanatorium and forget about her.  Up until 1984, there was a large asylum/mental hospital named Eloise operating outside of Detroit.  At the time my sister was born, it wasn't uncommon for people to simply drop family members who suffered from mental illness off at this facility (which was more like a self-contained city) and never return for them.  That could have been my sister, had my parents followed the doctor's advice.  They didn't.  My sister is a functioning and happy person.  Answered prayer.

I am surrounded by blessings.  In a little while, I will be starting a new job.  Two years ago, I was starting a new job, too, under much different circumstances.  My brother had just died, and my sister was on the verge of starting her slow decline.  I am in a much happier place right now.

May 15, 2014:  New Job and New Snow

Well, I have completed the first day of my new job.  The people are friendly and supportive.  My closest coworkers are helpful and understanding.  They laugh at my jokes.  I have established a chocolate drawer already, and I acquired a new badge from Human Resources.  One that reflects my new position and department.  Overall, it wasn't horrible, although I truly miss the work and people at my old job.

It is snowing currently.  Sitting in my office at the university, I am watching thick, fat snowflakes falling.  They're starting to accumulate on the grass.  It would be a lovely scene if it weren't the middle of May.  New snow at this time of year is about as welcome as a case of explosive diarrhea.  Lake Superior is still frozen over, and, two weeks ago, I still had snow drifts in my backyard.  Winter is never going to end.

Saint Marty is ready to start singing "Let It Go."

I'm tired of letting things go...

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  1. Congrats on the smooth first communion - AND working septic. Oh my goodness (I hope the universe isn't setting you up for what's next ;-))