Friday, February 26, 2016

February 26: A Poem, Al Ortolani, "Paper Birds Don't Fly"

I didn't choose a Poet of the Week this week.  I had computer issues Monday and Tuesday, and, by Wednesday, it was too late.  Any poet that I chose would have gotten only four days of poems.

Tonight, however, I want to give you a poem from the current issue of Rattle magazine.  I received my copy a week or so ago, and I really fell in love with the poem below.

Saint Marty promises a new Poet of the Week will be crowned next Monday.

Until then . . .

Paper Birds Don't Fly

by:  Al Ortolani

Last night I had a dream
that my father, six years
dead now, left me a message
folded into some kind of origami bird.
There was a girl in the dream,
maybe a younger sister, maybe
a little dead girl sent as a messenger.
I don't know how these things worked.
Sitting at the table with the paper birds,
she unfolded mine and began to read.
I couldn't make out a word
she was saying.
I woke in frustration, trying to will
myself back into sleep
into the dream of my father
where I was sure he'd tried
to cross over
like he had so many times
when he was living.

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