Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 12: Compassionate Power, Forgiveness, Catharine Savage Brosman, "The Beekeeper"

As his hair turned white, his features took on a compassionate power.  On some of those evenings, when people would get up and tearfully describe their tribulations, Mr. Ives would listen, his face reflecting the conviction of a man who may well have seen a Cross-of-light or an image of the Holy Mother in the sky.

Ives is transformed by his tragedy.  In his grief and anger, he turns inward.  He believes in forgiveness, wants to forgive the boy who killed Robert.  Yet, he struggles, and it is through this struggle that he is transformed.  Ives is a good man, and, when given choices, he always chooses love and compassion over hatred and disappointment.

This post is about forgiveness.  I am asking you to forgive me for not posting last night.  My daughter's friend who's a boy came into town last night, and I took them to a movie.  Then I cleaned my house a little when I got home because we're throwing a birthday party for my daughter tonight.  By the time I was done with all that, I just had enough energy to brush my teeth and stumble into bed.

This weekend, I am going to finish up my semester's grading.  Papers and finals and research projects.  So, I'm asking you to forgive me, in advance, for the possibility of missing another post or two in the next few days.

I have not had the opportunity to draw many cartoons recently, so I am relying on Gary Larson, among others, to provide the artwork for the next couple of days, as well.  Forgive me for that.  I will return to normal programming in a few days.

I am also working on forgiving myself, for getting behind in my grading.  For not being done with the semester by now.  For not having my house party-ready this morning.  For barely having any Christmas shopping or baking done . . . I could continue, but you get the idea.

Forgiveness is about love.  Loving the people in your life.  Loving yourself.  Loving God.  It is through this love that transformation takes place.  Love can be like a bee sting.  It hurts at the outset, but it is through this pain that flowers are pollinated and blossom.  Ives takes on the appearance of a mystic through his struggles with forgiveness and love.  I have no idea what love and forgiveness will do for me.

Maybe Saint Marty will be transformed into Saint George Clooney of the Cross.

The Beekeeper

by:  Catharine Savage Brosman

In linen, hat, and gauze
she tends the humming hives,
a vigil without pause
around the honeyed lives.

A sting from time to time
reminds her of the bite
of love, which is a mime,
and shimmers in the light,

but shoots a poisoned dart--
and how the sweetest care
--a jewel, a tender heart--
can turn into a snare.

And so she meditates,
mellifluous, refined,
on memories of fetes,
still golden in her mind;

and when the autumn brings
its chills and idle hours,
she sweeps up brittle wings
and lives on garnered flowers.

Rubes Christmas Cartoon

Rudolph struggled with forgiveness, too

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