Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27 Finals Week, Grading, "Ives" Dip

Welcome to finals week at the university.  I have just spent several hours grading some exams I administered last week.  After I'm done typing tonight's two posts, I will go back to grading, probably staying up to an ungodly hour, red pen in hand, dispensing academic judgement.

I hate the grading part of education.  Some professors relish wielding the crimson ink.  I don't.  I much prefer the give-and-take of the classroom.  Prying open minds to new ideas.  Making young people (and sometimes older people) see the world in a different way.  That's the greatest reward of teaching for me.

However, tradition dictates that I must somehow place a value on my students' progress during the semester.  Granted, some students make a great deal more progress than others, but I find placing a price on academic progress a little . . . counter-productive.  Certainly, I have no problem giving a D or F to a student who put forth no effort.  But then there are the students who really tried, all semester long, but couldn't measure up to their "smarter" classmates.  I have a hard time grading those students.

Well, it's Monday, and, therefore, it is time for an Ives dip question:

Will I get all of my grading done on time?

And the answer from Edward Ives is:

...He received Holy Communion and did not open his eyes or move from the white crimson-cloaked railing until the wafer had completely dissolved on his tongue...

Well, either Saint Marty's grading is anointed by God, or Saint Marty will need to go to confession after he's done grading.

I haven't F-ed anyone yet

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